Cost illustration.
Only pay
when you sell

For each art piece you sell the costs are explained in the illustration below: The standard fee for the credit is a flat 15% and each transaction has an £8.00 processing fee.
Use our cost calculator to as a guide to your artwork cost. Click me!

Example price £550

Use our price guide calculator to work out the price of your pieces

Finance fees for £550

Admin Fee = £8
Credit fee for finance 15% = £82

Payment to artist

Full balance of £460
paid directly to artist

Once you're a  member you only pay when you sell. 

Not only can you look forward to more sales, you can relax,  because once you're a WAF member until you use the scheme there's nothing to pay! To make the most of your membership utilise social media and your website to maximise sales.


WAF Member

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  • Approval Guaranteed
  • Membership Card
  • Point of Sale and Leaflets
  • Membership Benefits
  • Pop-Up Galleries, Free Entry

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group of motivated selling artists.

Sell more from your, website on social media and at exhibitions & fairs.
Just one more tool in the artist's box, a real game-changer, an opportunity not to be missed. Get paid direct to your account, use the online calculator to work out the price for your works. Never miss a sales opportunity again. Sell Online, though social media and at your studio or exhibitions.

Sell your art online though your website via the WAF interest-free credit scheme.

Sell your art via social media and offer the WAF interest-free credit scheme.

Sell art at your gallery, the studio or at exhibitions offering the WAF interest-free credit scheme.

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