Cost illustration,
Only pay
when you sell

For each art piece you sell the costs are explained in the illustration below: The standard fee for the credit is a flat 15% and each transaction has an £8.00 processing fee.
Use our cost calculator to as a guide to your artwork cost. Click me!

You art price £550

Use our price guide calculator to work out the price of your pieces

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finance fees for £550

Admin Fee = £8
Credit fee for finance 15% = £82

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Payment to artist

Balance £460
paid directly to artist.

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Hi, I'm Carol

A definate no-brainer, I only pay when I sell and I have control over the value of my work.

A brilliant scheme, easy to set up and most of all I sell lot's more of my art. After the lockdown we'll need all the help we can get to sell art, so for me, this is a fabulous idea to encourage collectors and customers to buy. The membership is only £30 and any other charges are because I'm selling my art, which only makes me happy.

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Once you're a  member you only pay when you sell. 

Not only can you look forward to more sales, you can relax because until you use the scheme there's nothing to pay. To make the most of your membership utilise social media and your website to maximise sales.