How to use the scheme

Guide for artists & galleries

This quick and simple guide will help you to set up your WAF finance account. There are no personal or business checks and 100% of applicants can join the scheme. Once your details are entered into the WAF scheme, you'll quickly be able to offer finance for any of your art pieces. Your account will become live as soon as your account is verified. Prior to verification, you will be able to enter your art into your unique art warehouse. All art in your warehouse becomes available for the credit scheme and can be used to sell your art to your buyers and collectors. All UK members receive a pack of labels for displaying and a guide once their account is verified.    Back to links

Create an account

To register for the WAF scheme you will need to join our members, membership for individual artists is £30 per year. Simply enter your details on the 'Become a member page'. Once the details have been completed you'll be taken to our subscription checkout. After your subscription, you will be emailed to confirm your membership. The membership commences on the day your account is activated, this takes upto 5 working days from submission. Once active your art will be instantly available.   Back to links

Add your art

Now you've registered for the WAF scheme you need to enter your art details into your art warehouse. These include an image of the art piece, the title, the price, the dimensions and the medium. If the art is framed this cost can be included too. To add pieces go to the 'My Account' tab and click on the 'Add Your Work' menu button. On this page, you will find a link to our price and cost calculator, which will assist you in pricing your art. The moment your work is entered into your art warehouse it becomes available under the scheme.   Back to links

Calculate your work price & costs

We strongly recommend that you use our cost calculator before entering the prices on your art pieces. The calculator defaults to £75 as this is the minimum art value for sale in the scheme. The 'Cost Calculator' can be found on the 'add your work' page, also by a link at the bottom of any page on the website. Our price and cost calculator this will assist you in pricing your work and is an essential tool. It calculates the fees you will be charged and the amount you will receive you can also add the cost of the frame!   Back to links

Add or alter details

Within your account page, you can add, delete or alter any of the details for your art pieces. To get to your account page you will need to login to your account, via the 'My Account' tab. Once a piece of art is sold using the scheme it is instantly archived. This protects buyers as it may be available on many websites or social media pages, by doing this we guarantee that only the first buyer will be charged. If you sell the work privately outside of our scheme your art warehouse must be updated to prevent miss-selling.   Back to links

Monitor sales & payments

Once you begin to sell your art under the WAF scheme you can monitor the progression of sales applications via your account. Simply log in to your account using the 'My Account' tab and check application status in the sales history. This displays if your customer is approved or declined (this will also be emailed and sent via SMS text to your mobile or via the phone). When your buyers' application is approved the sale will appear as pending until delivery or collection is confirmed by the buyer. We must have a record of delivery or collection, once this is received we make an immediate payment into your account. Should an application be declined the art piece will become active in your art warehouse.   Back to links

Sell at your studio or exhibition

Great news now your work is entered into art warehouse it's available for the interest-free credit scheme. At exhibitions your studio or anywhere, you can use the WAF scheme. Included in your member's pack are Point Of Sales items; stickers, labels, tags there's also a leaflet helping to explain how your customers can use your can apply (the guide is also available online).
If your buyer wants to purchase one or more art pieces, you simply add these to a collection (like a shopping basket) in your warehouse and then send the link to your buyer. The buyer gets all the art pieces in one simple collection ready for checkout. This way they only have one application for multiple pieces of art. The application process is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes, either online, on a mobile device or through a phone call. Once the application is completed a decision is made in seconds (96% of applications are successful).   Back to links

Sell via your website & social media posts

Whether you use our 'ArtistsWebuilder' platform or any other web site designer, through the art warehouse you will have access to a unique code that can be used as a direct link from your site to the WAF finance checkout. You can use the same code to link from a social media post, meaning that potential buyers can buy direct and we will handle the complete transaction for you. This code can also be given verbally for phone applications. After a sale is processed you are notified immediately via email and an SMS text. Once you receive the notification it is important to arrange delivery or pick-up quickly, when the buyer signs for acceptance receipt your payment is forwarded directly to you.   Back to links