Easy to use
Simple to set up

Enter the pieces of work you wish to sell using the scheme and offer them for sale anywhere. Once a piece of work is entered (min value £75.00), it is instantly available for the scheme. You can add or remove pieces from the scheme whenever you wish. Remember memberships can take a week to become active, allow plenty of time if you are exhibiting. Join now and boost your sales.
£30 membership annually.

Join our members

Join our WAF membership to open an account and get access to the WAF interest free credit scheme. During the next year we will help to finance up to £30 million of art sales. How much will be going to you? Please allow a minimum of 7 days for your account to become active.

Enter your work

Once your account is activated register the pieces you wish to have on the scheme. You can add, delete, or change the details freely whenever you wish. When your work is entered into your account it will be immediately available on interest free credit to your buyers. All types of art are accepted; however, the minimum value is £75.00.

Start selling

Start selling by sending a link from your WAF account directly to the buyer. Or sell using the WAF scheme from your own website or social media accounts. Whichever way you use the WAF scheme the artist gets paid the full balance after costs* immediately after the artwork has been delivered or collected. You keep the money even if the buyer stops paying.

Increase your sales.
Up to 45% increase in closing a sale

Now more than ever artists need to find smarter ways of selling their art. More and more art is being sold online through websites and via social media. With our WAF scheme you can increase the possibility of a sale significantly by becoming a WAF member. A great investment that offers greater sales opportunities.

Visit our key partners and find some great services for artists

Whether you are a professional artist or a talented amateur, our key partners have amazing services and products to help all artists sell and promote their work.